Remix Compilation Vol.1 _ Ouroboros
July 22, 2013


Circulating remix; Ouroboros Style.

Track List
01 nods - Memai Gochujang Eastern (Oktray Progressive House Remix)
  "To see the light that shines from a calming and uplifting music :D"

02 BSer - Happy girl in the sky (nods Happy Hardcore Remix)
  "Fxxk my HDD crush, thanks for dropbox."

03 047 - FOCUS (BSer Happy Hardcore Remix)
  "Fine day after the rainy season. "

04 dusKape - Water Hammer (047 Techno Pop Remix)
  "Pop music, Electronica, and "Hakai Kousen""

05 vayassy - Rainbow (dusKape Electro House Remix)
  "Even a worm will turn, maybe will."

06 Nurumayu - Chosen One (vayassy Trance Nostalgia Remix)
  "It's some kind of reminiscence."

07 Nennen - anywhere (Nurumayu Progressive House Remix)
  "Respecting Nennen's piano arrangement."

08 Oktray - 'Cause Spring Is Here (Nennen Electronica Remix)
  "Please relax today."

Artworks: Oktray
PV: Nennen

team Ouroboros

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